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~ Retreats ~


Spending time away in beautiful natural surroundings can slow us down, renew us, and add depth to our practice.

T’ai Chi is based on a martial art and on Taoism. Taoism is about harmonizing ourselves with the cyclical movement and rhythm of nature—starting with our own nature.

Because practicing expands us, making us porous and absorbent, being in an inspiring, peaceful environment intensifies the nourishing and cleansing effects of T’ai Chi.


…..Watch this space for information as new retreats are planned…..


  • Morris Graves Foundation retreat outside of Loleta, CA  Sat. August 20, 2016

 Heartwood Institute Retreat 2014
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 Retreat Participants

Again, I congratulate you on a great accomplishment and it was very powerful for me. Sunday evening I had a “Kensho.” What the Japanese Zenners call “small enlightenment.” Of that I have no doubt.

Kevin Coles


Thank you for a great weekend. I wonder how long this wonderful feeling will continue—another lesson in what’s possible.

Bojan Ingle


I was inspired by your ability to create a schedule that met everyone’s needs. You are always so inclusive—early risers, late risers, experienced and nonexperieinced in practice. I too appreciated it when people shared their experiences with T’ai Chi and meditation. Thank you for helping me to reconnect to my body, the present, and the past.

Helen Culver


I’m especially grateful for the emotional support I received and a deepening sense I gained of the sangha.

Anonymous—from a feedback form

I feel renewed energy and vigor and motivation to practice more…as well as forming relationships with some amazing people.

Anonymous—from a feedback form


I feel grounded and open. Enjoyed interacting with other T’ai Chiers.

Anonymous—from a feedback form

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