~ Comments from Students ~

Students Practicing“Motivated by a pesky arthritic right hip, I started taking Margy’s Tai Chi for Back Pain and Arthritis classes a couple of years ago, and they have certainly helped with physical balance and flexibility. However, for me the greatest benefits have been mental and spiritual. It’s a kind of moving meditation. I’ve always disliked all forms of physical exercise, and even after two years the sense of well being I experience when I do tai chi still surprises me. The classes are actually fun, and I learn something every week.”
~Allan Katz, age 72
“I started Tai Chi for Arthritis with Margy Emerson in order to regain some flexibility and control of movements I had lost due to rheumatoid arthritis. Margy’s teaching methods and structure have helped me feel secure and comfortable. After 3 ½ years, the benefits of her teaching not only include my primary goals, but also continue helping with balance and energy. The confidence Margy helps me develop in class (learning new movements, breathing better and focusing) stays with me throughout the week and gives me the tools to enjoy long walks, better focus and energy to do every day tasks.”
~Kathy Seror, age 54

“Tai Chi helps to provide support and balance to my physical body, my mind and my spirit. Margy’s teaching style is both gentle and concise. The practice develops over time, and each class experience offers a unique opportunity for growth and a deepening of appreciation for these precious forms.”
~Dayna Cryder

“Margy’s integrity and sense of humor are what make the complexity of Taiji accessible.”
~Kevin Coles, age 75 and Mary Sanger, age 63

“I have taken Tai Chi with Margy Emerson since recovering from back surgery in 2007. Not only has it restored my balance, but Tai Chi has given me more inner calmness and a sense of well being. I am in the process of learning my third style and I am loving it.”
~Doris, age 70

“The skills that I have acquired from Margy Emerson in her T’ai Chi for Back Pain class have become an integral part of my pain management program. Learning ways to move my body safely and how to focus on something other than my discomfort have been invaluable. My only regret is that I didn’t find out about her and her program sooner.”
~Alyssa Stamm, age 28, auto accident victim

“I recently injured my sciatic nerve. Walking and moving were very painful. The only time I didn’t hurt was during practice in Margy’s T’ai Chi for Back Pain class. Now, 3 weeks later, I have no pain. I am grateful for this class”
~Robin L., age 59

“I keep returning to Margy’s T’ai Chi classes to do the range-of-motion exercises for my joints, to improve balance for fall prevention, to stimulate my mind, and to be inspired.”
~Thea Gast, age 75

“I have been aware of the many health benefits of T’ai Chi for many years and have recommended it to many of my patients to maintain mobility, improve balance, decrease pain and ease emotional stress. My mother practiced T’ai Chi routinely until she was 96 and continues to incorporate many moves at 98. I began the class for back pain and arthritis 4 months ago and noticed improvement in balance and mental focus within the first month. These benefits have continued as well as greater flexibility and reduced back pain.”
~Nanette Medin, Oncology Nurse Practitioner, age 67

“Margy is an excellent and kind teacher. Her instruction is very clear and concise and she’s always adding new ideas and techniques. I appreciate her down-to-earth common sense very much. One day when I entered the Tai Chi lesson, I was full to the rim with the day’s stresses. As we started the movements, I focused my eyes and did the belly breathing. Instantly, I was in the zone. Suddenly, I felt a large weight drop from my body to the mat. I felt a profound release from the stress I had been carrying. I looked around to see if anyone had heard it drop. I was sure it had made a thump. No, they were all immersed in the movements. Tai Chi is like a walk in the spiritual park.”
~Rebecca, age 59

“Five years ago I took a free Tai Chi class just out of curiosity; immediately my balance improved, and some of the pain dropped out. As I continued practicing, I regained some agility, and pain decreased significantly, and this process continues. My mind focuses better now. Margy is a wonderfully effective instructor, and the friendships I’ve made through Tai Chi have changed my life. Tai Chi has been a blessing.”
~Lynn Robbins, age 65

“My back feels much better when I do Tai Chi regularly. It’s wonderful for the body and the soul.”
~Diane, age 71

“Among the many benefits of Tai Chi the two most important for me are improving my balance and flexibility. Sifu Margy has a high level of skill and teaches through patience and repetition. I hope to continue with her.”
~Jean, age 73

“The primary aspect I enjoy about T’ai Chi is the beauty of the movements. Learning them has made me feel more graceful and given me better balance. It is also noticeable that my range of motion is much greater at the end of the practice than at the beginning.”
~Kara Lynn Klarner, age 73

“My balance and my ability to ground to the earth have greatly improved, and this was my original goal in practicing T’ai Chi. I love the way my body is involved in a meditative practice. I have gained an awareness of the movement of qi through my body which has helped me deal with physical and stress blockages in my life.”
~Marna, age 66

“I started studying T’ai Chi because a friend with sciatica swore it was the only thing that kept her functional, and I haven’t been disappointed. Not only does the practice keep my arthritic back limber, it actually reduces the amount of pain I’m feeling any day I practice. All this while nourishing the spirit!”
~Caroline, age 55

“Having suffered for the past 10 years from both upper and lower back pain, I find that my balance is improved, my pain level is lowered, and I sleep much better after Margy Emerson’s T’ai Chi class.”
~Gayle S., age 55

“T’ai Chi has been good for my body and my mind by increasing flexibility and balance in both!”
~Lauren Dusek, age 31

“Margy does an amazing job of teaching the moves and the ideas to students of all levels. The subtle stretches and breathing techniques always leave me feeling better and more relaxed. The gentle stretching and strength-building make my back feel much better. Taking an hour out of a busy day to do T’ai Chi with Margy and the other students is definitely worth it!”
~Christine Champe, age 42

“Tai Chi for Back Pain and Arthritis is right for me. It has improved my balance, helped me to warm up to reduce pain, and improved my flexibility.”
~Tom, age 79 (still in the class at 85)

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