~ Chen Style ~

Tai Chi

Chen is the first T’ai Chi style to be developed in China. It’s the closest to the martial art and includes movements that culminate in the explosive delivery of “fa jin” or force. Of all the styles, it’s the most athletically demanding. Some of the original Chen style sequences have over 100 movements. This one has 36 movements and is currently the most popular.

The value of learning this form is its emphasis on making everything come through the center or dan tian. This is not a principle exclusive to Chen style, but Chen really brings it home. And the enhanced embodiment of this principle can be transferred to all other styles.

I’ve had several respected teachers of this style and of course each one has her or his own way of doing it. In order to have a standard resource that we can all share, I’m adhering to Paul Lam’s instruction in his DVD. You can obtain a copy online or through me in class.

The sequence is taught in three 10- to 13-week terms. Section I is taught in the fall term, Section II in the winter, and Section III (completing the sequence) in the spring.

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