Potter's Notes on Tai Chi Chuan

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A Potter’s Notes on Tai Chi Chuan

From the book:
While practicing T’ai Chi, there are spaces, sometimes prolonged, when I seem to slip into a deep hole with nothing in it. No thoughts. No images. Only a wavelike sensation saturating me, surrounding me. At first it surprised and confused me. I’d cling to the edge of the precipice and think: Shouldn’t I be thinking? Shouldn’t my thoughts be headed somewhere? Where is this taking me? No landmarks. Only a vibration–long, slow, smooth waves that are experienced, not seen or heard or even felt in the usual way. And that’s where the center is touched. That’s where it all comes from.


I like to start out with only clay. No ideas. No fancy tools. No expectations. Just my hands and a big piece of well-wedged, well-aged clay with some life in it. I used to call it stream-of-consciousness working. Now I think of it as stream-of-subconsciousnesss. If I’m lucky, that’s what it is. Start with a tabula rasa and let the oracle within me and the clay speak. I surprise myself.

Margy Emerson draws on sixteen years as a professional potter and nine years of studying Tai Chi to show what the process of making art and the practice of moving meditation have in common–and what they can teach us about an approach to life.

The author spent six years with her original teacher, Kao Ching-hua, who learned the art in pre-Revolutionary China. Kao always emphasized the practical applications of Tai Chi Chuan.

“…most interesting and delightful!”          Al Chung-liang Huang
“…a wise commentary on life and art.”    Northcoast View Magazine
“…an artist’s creation in every sense.”     The Illinois Times

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